Google Local Map Business Listings

Google Local Placement

Google local business listing is a powerful way of targeting local market in which a business finds a place in a map we come across normally at the top of Google’s first search engine result page.

Generally, such listings accompanied by a map are generated when a user adds the name of a geographical location to his/her search query. The whole process is more or less similar to organic search results with the only exception being the display of a map and location-specific results. Hence, businesses that are more easily accessible to that location occupy top positions in the local listing.

Masi Map makers in Cochin, Keala professionally maintain your Search Engine Optimized Map Listing to keep your business on the first page of Google Local Maps for your keywords and location. Your website will also experience a significant boost in organic search engine rankings for even more relevant exposure.

We offer Specialized Programs for companies that exceed our local business listing parameters. Our typical client will choose 2 keywords or phrases to appear on the first page of Google® Maps for their local perspective market.

If your company requirements are specific and localized we may offer a customized payment plan.